Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ya know what really grinds my gears? Ignorance. How people could not want to know or learn something? Confuses... scratch that, I just don't understand? How someone can be content being left were they are or even contained where they are. How can you be content? Contained by not necessarily society but our small groupm of civilization (compared to the world). The dim look on fashin, musci, taste, and lifestyle in this area is so bleak it discomforts me. And any new or hot thing someone may have gotten into is only because everyone else is into it. Bunch of followers, sufficated by one another and don't seem to mind it. I tell myself well obviously their ignorant because they don't seem to know much else so how can I blame them. But this generation of ours has unlimited knowledge and information just sitting there already lined up for us. Spread afar all over the world, I mean how couldn't you wanna know more, see more, explore, expirence, why can't kids my age be intrigued with out someone questioning it? Like a new fashion with out someone else downing it? Gashing at each others necks at the slightest remark of something their not use to if it wasn't said to be humorous. Trapped by each others remarks, thoughts, and liking. What type of a life do we precieve to live because our social groups tells us this the way to go?

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